About Us

Our story when we decided to start Waki is long, let’s make the long story short, Osama and Ali started making a good use of their free time designing and implementing a simple reservation platform for KFUPM campus using PHP and some other scripting languages. After a awhile what we call it “ Waki initial point “ has started ! a simple and elegant reservation system for internal courts at KFUPM. The number of users and operations that site had were absolutely great and exceed all the expectations. Then, Abdulaziz met Osama and Ali telling them more about an idea to take the system to next level and the named it “ Waki “ which is derived from the famous english work “ OK “. Days passed, and later that year KFUPM announced a business plan competition organized by “ KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute “, of which the winner will get the chance to be incubated at AMC “ Aramco Entrepreneurship Center “. You may have guessed who was the winner. Yes it was Waki and here we are !
Dr. Hamed Abo-Hilal
Osama Al-Najjar
Ali Busaleh 
Abdulaziz Al-Zahrani
Abdullah Saidan
اضغط هنا للعودة للصفحة الرئيسة

Welcome to Waki